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EROglide Lubricant


EROglide is an ultra modern and superior silicone based lubricant, that is long lasting and will not cause any irration to the skin or to mucous membrane. It is extremely suitable for vaginal or anal penetration, but can also be very conveniently used during masturbation or for long lasting body massage.


EROglide is a “next generation” silicone based lubricant: it does not contain any binding agents.


Lubricants that are based on silicones have been in the market for many years already. They are generally made by mixing two different types of silicones, usually Dimethicone and Dimethiconol.

In order to be able to mix these two materials, the use of binding agents was necessary. Usually, Cyclomethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane are used for this purpose, but these binding agents can occasionally cause irritations to the skin and/or mucous membrane of the user. Furthermore, they can attack and degrade the silicone materials of which many sex toys are made. This explains the desire to create a high grade silicone based lubricant, without the use of any binding agents.


With the creation of EROglide, this desire has now come true in a wonderful way !!


After many years of intensive laboratory research we managed in the end to create a high grade silicone based lubricant using Dimethicone and Dimethiconol silicones , without using any binding agents. This means that EROglide can safely be used even if the user is very sensitive to the binding agents that are commonly used in regular silicone based lubricants.


Specific characteristics of EROglide:

CE certified

TüV certified

dermatologically tested

a high grade quality product, Made in Germany

silicone based

exellent and long lasting lubricating effect


does not contain any binding agents

excellent price-quality ratio

suitable for extremely sensitive skin

helps against vaginal dryness

allows the skin to breathe

latex condom compatible

never sticky or greasy

does not contain any :


  • spermicidal ingedient
  • Perfume
  • Aroma
  • Oil
  • Fat
  • Water
  • Preservative


EROglide silicone based lubricant is currently available in the following versions:

100 ml bottle                        (Carton 144 pcs)

250 ml bottle                        (Carton 48 pcs)

1.000 ml bottle                     (Carton 20 pcs)


EROglide silicone lubricant

CE certified

TüV certified

Dermatologically tested

High Quality product

Made in Germany

Silicone based

Excellent and long lasting lubricating effect


Does not contain any binding agents.

Excellent price-quality ratio

Suitable for extremely sensitive skin

Helps against vaginal dryness

Allows the skin to breathe

Latex condom compatible

Never sticky or greasy

Safe for most toys

Does not contain any :

- Spermicidal ingredient

- Perfume

- Aroma

- Oil

- Fat

- Water

- Preservative

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